#Me, The Holidays and A Boy Called Christmas#


Every year, after the holiday has come and gone, I like to take a moment to just sit by my Christmas tree and reflect on how the season played out. Overall it was a nice Christmas and New Year-with moments of warm cheer, generosity and spirit, but also moments of loneliness, worry and solitude.

The holidays tend to be advertised as “the most wonderful time of the year”, but just like everyday life, it is an emotional rollercoaster, with its beautiful highs and lows amidst the softly falling snow. To be honest, I was puzzled by my mixed emotions. Why am I feeling drained today? Why is the magic and excitement not always at an all-time high?

While pondering these thoughts by the tree, the following book came to mind. “A Boy Called Christmas” by Matt Haig was gifted to me by the lovely Harper Collins Canada this season and it was wonderful, because it mirrored my emotions completely. Whenever those polarizing feelings  took over me, this book read like a favourite Aunt; empathizing with me like a warm hug during the lows and then throwing up her hands in a loud victory dance when the highs came by. In short, A Boy Called Christmas was a friendly reminder that, ‘Hey! It’s ok to feel all these things. That’s life. And Life goes on, even at Christmas.’

While it took a bit of time to get into the plot line, this book did not disappoint. Funny, sassy, tearful and profound at the most unexpected of times, A Boy Called Christmas is one of those books that both children and adults should read during the holiday season. Matt Haig does an amazing job feeling out the highs and lows of Christmas  in the most fun and touching manner . He insightfuly paints the story through the eyes of a child, (complete with fart jokes and flying poop bombs!), while also conveying the importance of kindness, family, self-confidence and purpose with the heart and wisdom of an old soul.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and cannot thank Harper Collins Canada enough for this lovely gift. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays,  it brought laughter, comfort, thoughtfulness and joy to my Christmas season.

If you get a chance, go out and grab a copy of your own. You will treasure it forever, just like I do 🙂


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