The Pride and Prejudice Dress


photo courtesy of Alberta Ferretti from Vogue Magazine 2015 and Me!

The day I saw this dress was the day I fell in love with designer Alberta Ferretti. I was browsing through my Instagram feed when I saw this photograph. This dress! Stunning beyond words in its simplicity and floral motif, the epitome of Spring. Interestingly, the first thought that popped into my head when I laid eyes on this lovely creation was  ‘Oh look! It’s a Pride and Prejudice Dress!’ Isn’t that strange?

Apparently not. People find inspiration in many ways, and Italian designer Alberta Ferretti is no different. After digging up an article by Vogue Magazine from 2015 ( , I discovered that this dress was designed by Ferretti after moving her Paris showroom to a historic townhouse on Rue du Faubourg, Saint-Honore.  In the interview for her Fall 2015 Limited Edition Couture Collection, she talked about how the space, light and decorative motifs inspired her art, giving birth to this  line of dresses.

For me personally, Inspiration took a different route, tracing it’s way back to my own passion-Books.  This dress inspired me to read my favourite Jane Austen novel all over again- Pride and Prejudice. To me the  dress alone is much like the main character herself- simple and straightforward at first glance, but on closer inspection reveals a beautiful, rich, colourful intricacy of her own.

Pride and Prejudice is a book that I could read over and over again, till the end of time! It is one of the most intelligent, humourous and satirical romances I have ever come across. Jane Austen not only gives us a glimpse into the socio-political rules of 18th century genteel British society, but creates a charming romance between two of literature’s most beloved characters-the frank, playful and intelligent Elizabeth Bennett and the arrogant, brooding, gentle Mr.Darcy. And the message she conveys to her readers is quite clear and holds true even today- that in the end, Love is not dictated by status, wealth and society, but by the heart, the mind and the soul alone.

I highly recommend this book to everyon for it is a real treasure.  Whether it be the first or the twenty-first time reading it, you will always return to it.  It will become your own, and you will see it’s inspiration everywhere you go-even in a lovely dress shop window on a fashionable street in Paris.

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