Note To Self: Listen to Juliet!

The other day I was talking to my friend SK about the idea of Unrequited Love. My birthday had just come and gone, and I was still glowing from all the heartfelt wishes and cards and gifts that I was showered with by everyone. It was truly humbling. But there was one message I received that left me with a little heartache.

For the past few weeks I have been trying to get over someone and I have been writing about our little “loveship” on my other blog, Long story short-I was in love with him and I took the leap and confessed and he confessed he used to be in love with me but is now dating someone else.

Well, the other day I received a birthday wish from him, and I just melted. One part of me was ecstatic that he remembered my birthday, the other was heartbroken that he remembered my birthday ( you know what I mean?). When relaying this story to my friend we got to talking about Unrequited Love and, despite the obvious downside to the concept, we realized that there were some really beautiful things that could come out of it. Loyalty, resilience, strength, friendship, honesty, boldness, vulnerability; I was pleasantly surprised to discover all these traits within myself. Me! Bold, Vulnerable, Resilient! Who knew?

I also discovered how I love-unabashedly, passionately, with loyalty and on a foundation of friendship. That’s my relationship style. And lastly but most importantly, this experience taught me how I wanted to BE loved. With the same passion, loyalty, respect,  affection and, above all, with the exclusive commitment I truly deserved.

And so, of course, this experience would not be complete without a life-to-book connection . While I was grappling with these thoughts and feelings inside of me, I decided to journal a letter to Him. Saying thank you and goodbye for really being a wonderful man in my life. And while writing that letter I thought about Glenn Dixon, author of the book “Juliet’s Answer”. Glen, an English teacher of 20 years, was also in the throes of unrequited love when reality came crashing down on him and he realized he had to get away. And so he traveled to Verona, Italy where he joined a group called Juliet’s Secretaries and spent the next year answering love letters  to Juliet from around the world.

Glen’s experience with Unrequited Love made me think of my own story and I think we both came to the same realization that sometimes, when it comes to love, letting go is the best gift you could ever give to Yourself. Glen let go, I let go and, as if by magic, the world opened up for us.

For those experiencing a similar sort of relationship, for those who love to be in love and for those who are simply enamoured by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, I encourage you to run, no FLY, to your nearest bookstore and grab a copy today. You will fall in love all over again-with love, with Shakespeare, with your partner, your loved ones and, most importantly of all, with Yourself.


Enjoy your weekend!

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