A Song, A Book and A Garden




Have you ever experienced that perfect moment when art, literature and music collide? Well, today I did and the way it all came about still sends tingles down my spine.

I was driving to work this morning when this song came on the radio-a lovely, contemporary classical piece on 91.1Fm. The violin and piano melodies were just so beautiful together-comfortable, earthy yet elegant, and it just relaxed me instantly. Normally, I would Shazaam the heck out of a piece I didn’t know, but being the responsible driver that I am [thank you :)], I missed the details and resigned myself to letting another good song disappear.

Meanwhile, at work, I met a friend who also happens to share my passion for the eternal City of Lights-Paris, France. We constantly talk about France, to the point of being irritating. As we got to chatting (again!) about Paris, he whipped out his phone and showed me some photos he took at Giverny, home to the infamous gardens of Impressionist artist Claude Monet.

His photographs made me nostalgic for France, a place I visited for the very first time last fall, and so I headed over to our travel section and lo and behold! A beautiful photography collection by Jean-Pierre Gilson caught my eye. ” Monet’s Garden At Giverny” is a genuine  stunner. Gilson’s photographs are breathtaking, capturing moments in the garden with a professional, yet emotional eye. One can’t help but gasp out loud at the sheer beauty this garden exudes, and that’s just through the photographs! Imagine what the real thing feels like! In addition to the collection, Gilson collaborated with author Dominique Lobstein, who gives us fictional first-hand accounts of Monet from his family members, colleagues and acquaintances. In this charming narrative, he manages to convey the story of the moody, temperamental, yet soft man behind the genius of these gardens and their paintings.

I was so enamoured with this book that I bought it on the spot. I showed my friend and he suggested that when I get home, I should just prop my feet up, pour myself a glass of wine and pop in my Mellow Songs playlist. “It’s the only way to really enjoy this book!” he exclaimed. I couldn’t agree more.

Later on, at home, I was putting the finishing touches to my “Book Ambience” when I received a text message. It was a friend with a song recommendation. “Hey S! Check out this song, I heard it today and it’s amazing. I think you would really like it!”

I popped the title into Youtube, hit play and reached for my book. As soon as the first few notes hit me, I stopped, my heart quickening in surprise.


It was the piece from this morning. Passaggio. By Ludovico Einaudi, accompanied by violinist Daniel Hope.

When art, literature and music collide…Amazing right?

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