The Power of A Hat


Today I recognized the power of Self-Confidence, and it was all because of a new hairstyle. It was an emotion that shook me to the core-in a good way. So is this is what everyone and their life coach have been talking about? This wonderous, glorious, sparkly, floating-on-air kind of feeling that makes you flip your hair like a boss?

Damn Self-Confidence! Where the hell have you been all my life?!

So, from the first few sentences, you probably figured out that I am not the most confident person by nature. But I dream of it. I have always wondered what it would be like to be an unshakeably  Self-Confident individual. To love, trust and believe in yourself so completely that you are excited to get up every morning, get out there and make things happen. To be so deeply rooted in Faith in yourself that, whatever storm cones along, you can push through, knowing you will come out triumphant on the other side.

This thought process all started when I decided to take some advice from the lovely life blogger The Londoner and style my hair differently. The end product was amazing, and I felt like a million bucks! I swished and sashayed all the way to work, flashing a smile at everyone and the double-take guy. I.felt.fantastic! And I had a productive day! Sales were up, emails were returned, applications sent out, tasks were completed. It was amazing. I felt invincible. And all because of a haircut? Really? 

It made me wonder, Why did it take a new hairstyle to make me feel so special? Why didn’t I feel like this about myself all of the time? Why was my self-worth baseline so low that it diminished my daily performance in life?

These ideas brewed in my head all day and, (of course!), I found my answers in one of my favourite books, The President’s Hat by French novelist Antoine Laurain. In this charming novel, we meet Daniel Mercier, a tired, meek, insecure accountant who happens to come across the hat of the President of France. As soon as he puts it on, he develops an almost kingly self-confidence and lives boldly, transforming his life in unexpected ways.

There are so many reasons to love this book, but I love it most for it’s interesting character sketches. Laurain describes the “Everyday Person”-seemingly ordinary people  whom Life has kicked in the ass. They are down and almost out, until they encounter this hat the and transform into these extraordinary beings. They become their own “Presidents”- discovering their true potential, their  spirit and their strength and using it to change their lives for the better.

Laurain writes so simply, yet with such charm and grace and wisdom, that you can’t help but personalize his narrative into your own story. It will definitely make you look twice at yourself,  forcing you to examine your own soul until you finally ask the question you’ve been longing to voice all these years,  ‘What greatness have I been hiding? 

The President’s Hat is an amazing book. I highly recommend it, go out  and get a copy for yourself, discover your own glamour, and then pay it forward and share it with a friend. Trust me, you will not regret it!


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