My Tightrope And The Irish Country Doctor

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It’s already April of 2017 and I cannot begin to track where the time is flying. I have been feeling a little out of sorts these days. No that’s not true, I have been a FREAKIN’ WRECK these days! Unsure about life; where I am going, what I am doing, what my purpose is for my very existence. I am scared about the future, what lies before me, and bitterly regretful, shamed and guilt-ridden about my past.

As a result, I am caught on a tightrope- too scared to step forward, unable to step back. And so I stand where I am, wondering what on earth I should do without screwing up completely!

Amidst my turbulent feelings, I’ve been reading a book from a wonderful series that, for me, mirrors my life right now. Patrick Taylor’s An Irish Country Doctor series is a pure delight, and I have FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY finished the 11th installment, An Irish Doctor in Love and At Sea. As most of his books, it took a long time to finish-do not expect to complete this whopper in a fortnight, it wont work. You have to take each chapter as it comes, with the utmost attention and patience. Do not give yourself a deadline.

So why do I like this book so much? For me, out of all the books in the series, I thoroughly enjoyed this one because it finally gives us the complete back history on our beloved main Dr.Fingal Flaherty O’Reilly, and trust me, the story does not disappoint. Taylor hits every emotion right on the head, making you laugh, sob your heart out. Through this novel, I was able to really feel and confront my own emotions head on and get the proper release I needed for them.

Personally, this book series is always a little bittersweet for me to read because it reminds me of the life I could have had. The person, the professional I could have been, right there in Ireland, in Europe-a place I feel my heart belongs to completely.  Yet, the very book itself is like a little window opened to me-the possibility that maybe instead of being the main character in this novel, I am meant to be like the creator of this series, the wordmaker. It’s such a confusion really but whenever I pick up one of these novels I really feel my situation and am torn between moving forward on my  tightrope, or letting go. I really don’t know.

Either way, through doubt and hope, I always come back to this series because, in its very special way, these novels soothe me. The history, the warmth,the tragedy, the quirky characters and the belly-laugh moments make me happy and restore my faith in humanity and in God. And, in a small way, it dares to give me a little ray of hope that perhaps all is not lost. I might be able to keep going forward and get to the ending I constantly dream about. I just have to keep trying.

If you are looking for an all-in-all heart warmer of a series, go on out to your local store and grab a copy of this book today, I guarantee you will fall in love with The Irish Country Doctor just like I have.


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