Love in A Bookstore

    One of the most romantic things in the world for Me is seeing a couple on a date at the bookstore. The way they weave in and out of the aisles hand-in-hand, argue outright over who’s current read is better then buy said book for the other on the sly, or when they steal a quick hug or kiss in some quiet nook in the History section, just because they’re so happy to be together.

  There’s a comfort, an intimacy and a contentment there that no fancy restaurant, little black dress or expensive ride can equal to. It’s the love of just Being.

   *Sigh* Theres nothing like Love in a bookstore right? My heart literally skips a beat as a slow smile spreads over my face as that warm, sparkly feeling fizzes through me like lightning. Ahhhhhhhhh! 

 It really is the sweetest, most spectacular thing…


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